Bring Positive Notes to your Home with a Floral Arrangement

Changing the atmosphere in your home can be so simple, all you need is a cute vase and a floral arrangement. If you think you have no talent in making a floral arrangement, think again, because it is not that difficult at all. By following simple rules, you can enjoy a brightly colored flower bouquet whenever you feel like it.

Whether you pick them from your garden or buy them from a shop, you can do this arrangement according to your preferences. You won’t believe just how much the environment where you live will change, by just placing a bunch of colored flowers on a countertop or table. It will immediately become the primary attraction of the room, putting those who see it in a good mood as soon as they enter the room. Starting off your day walking into a room with a beautiful flower arrangement is sure to put you in a great mood.


When making floral arrangements, the general rules of color association is a great place to start. So if you want the arrangement to be pleasant when you look at it, you should use complementary colors. It means that you can associate:

  • Yellow with orange and red
  • Pink will go with lavender and purple shades, or even with specks of yellow
  • Green pairs well with yellow
  • Red with orange, and so on.

So, the colors that are related to one another will undoubtedly look great together. If you want to open up the colors in your bouquet, you can always add some white flowers as they will instantly make the entire arrangement look brighter.

You can always play with other elements in your arrangement other than flowers if you want it to look more spectacular. Adding green leaves that are long enough can brighten up any arrangement, winding twigs can add a rustic element, and even wheat ear creates a more summery appearance in a flower arrangement.


Another thing to keep in mind when putting together a floral arrangement is that when you use large flowers, you can sweeten the bouquet with other flowers of smaller dimensions. So, you won’t only be playing with colors, with also with sizes and shapes. The trick is to scatter the smaller flowers randomly among the large ones for a beautiful effect. If the flowers have really small sizes, use a couple of them, in a bunch, to make them pop out.

What I like most when I am preparing an arrangement for my home is using my imagination and my senses to discover what I like best. According to my mood, there are flowers that attract me more, and colors that make me vibrate, so I will pick those and play with them until I manage to obtain something I like looking at. And because I love colors, I always try to use more than two types of flowers in my bouquet, so the outcome is a large burst of colorful petals. I just love sipping my coffee in the morning while looking at my creation.

Floral arrangement

So if you need something decorative, which will not cost you much, a colorful floral arrangement is perfect. One single bouquet, placed strategically in a visible spot, can change the entire face of the room. Try it and you will see.

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