Five Reasons Why a Boxer Dog is the Breed for You

Dogs aren’t known as man’s best friend just to be quirky, they are known as man’s best friend due to the fact that they are incredibly loyal to their owners, incredibly friendly, and incredibly affectionate. The thing with dogs is that, due to the fact that there are so many different breeds, and indeed crossbreeds, that each breed can have its own unique personality and character traits. Granted some dogs are more affectionate and soft natured than others, but if you’re looking for the ultimate breed of dog, a boxer could be right up your alley. Boxer dogs are unmistakable due to their stocky builds and wrinkled, yet cute and slightly hilarious faces, and if you’re considering getting a boxer dog, by the time you finish this article, you certainly won’t have any more considerations to make. With that being said, here’s a look at five reasons why a boxer dog is a breed for you.

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They’re cutely mischievous – To some people, ‘mischievous’ may sound like sales slang for ‘badly behaved nightmare’ but rest assured, with boxer dogs, mischievous really means mischievous. They’re full of energy, they love a good game, and they can run circles around you if you let them. If you have the energy, however, playing with a boxer can be just as enjoyable as playing with a buddy.

Despite their names, boxers are not fighters – Although with a name like ‘boxer’ you may expect these dogs to be slightly aggressive around other dogs, and people for that matter, in reality, boxers are soft natured and are very gentle and slightly timid around strangers and many other dogs.


They have puppy-like personalities – No matter how old they get, boxer dogs will always think that they’re still puppies at heart, and will continue to love playing fetch and other similar games, well into their adulthood. They have energy levels for days, and never really fully mature as they grow older. Whilst some older dogs are happy to spend most of the day sleeping indoors, boxer dogs will still enjoy long walks, runs, and games of fetch in the park.

They pull some pretty hilarious facial expressions – Due to their natural facial structures, boxer dogs always seem to look startled and shocked, which can make for some pretty hilarious facial expressions. There are a number of viral videos online featuring boxers pulling said facial expressions, and if you want a good laugh, they are certainly well worth checking out. Alternatively, if you want the real thing, live and in person, make a boxer dog the latest member of your household.


They’re highly intelligent – Boxer dogs actually got their starts as Police canines, and are incredibly intelligent, making them highly trainable and easy to control. Some dogs are notoriously stubborn and badly behaved, whereas boxer dogs can quickly be house trained and can quickly be taught new tricks and basic behavioral techniques.

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