Four Simple Reasons Why Walking is Great for Your Health

As far as our general health and well-being is concerned, it’s safe to say that, generally speaking at least, many of us would be the first to admit that we aren’t getting as much exercise and physical activity as we should. And we’re paying the price as a result.

In order to lead a healthy and productive life, experts recommend following a healthy and balanced diet, along with plenty of exercise and physical activity, and that is sadly where most people are going wrong. When we think of exercise and physical activity, we tend to picture ourselves sweating away, absolutely exhausted in a crowded gym, when, in reality, that does not have to be the case at all. Yes, if you wish to exercise in the gym or by taking an exercise class then that is perfectly fine, but if not, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, including walking.



Walking is actually a fantastic way of improving your health, fitness, and well-being in general. And if you own a dog, walking becomes even more beneficial! Here’s a look at just four of the many reasons why walking is a great way to stay healthy and active.

Walking is a great way of boosting your fitness – One of the main benefits associated with walking, is the fact that it has proven to be a fantastic way of boosting your fitness, your stamina, and your endurance. You don’t need to cover several dozen miles if you don’t want, but what you will find is that the more you walk, the further you will be able to travel as time goes by, and for longer, due to the fact that your fitness, stamina, and endurance will all begin to improve a great deal. Put simply, the more you walk, the fitter you will become.

Walking is fun – Walking is also a whole lot of fun, especially if you happen to have a dog, or dogs, that you can take on a walk with you. Whether you live in an urban setting, a rural setting, or anywhere else, there are always places for you to take your dog for a walk, which in turn will prove to be a whole heap of fun. Many people actually take their dog out with them in the car, and drive to beautiful outdoor locations and go for a long and enjoyable walk, before heading home. By walking with your dog, you are far less likely to throw in the towel, or cut your walks short, because not only will it be enjoyable, it will also be beneficial, for you and your beloved canine companion. Whether you walk with your dog, your friends, or even by yourself, the more walking you do, the fitter you become, so you may even wish to increase the intensity and begin a brand new fitness program and routine.

Walking is great for the heart – Walking is actually a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise, making it great for the heart. The heart is a muscle, and like other muscles, it responds favorably to exercise. To build your biceps, you lift weights, whereas to build up and strengthen your heart, you perform cardiovascular exercise. Regular walking will reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. This in turn will reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, heart attack, hypertension, renal failure, and much more besides. By walking for around 30 minutes per day, you can reduce your likelihood of suffering a stroke by more than 27%.trick-672629_960_720

Walking is great for weight management – A lot of people think that you need to jog for miles, or sprint as quickly as you possibly can, in order for you to lose weight, when in reality, walking has been found to be an excellent weight loss/weight management tool. Walking at an average of just 3mph for around 30 minutes will allow you to burn off roughly 100 calories. Again, if you have dogs, walking is beneficial for their weight as well, so not only are you looking after yourself, you are also looking after the health of your dogs in the process.

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