The Perfect Floral Arrangements for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, my dear Valentine, I love you.

Roses are the symbol of love, but they are also as obsolete as the previous sentence. They are gorgeous flowers, no doubt that, but perhaps the woman in your life has received way too many roses by now, just because everybody thinks it is a safe choice. Reality check! There are so many other wonderful and gorgeous flowers you can pick, to make the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet. In fact, if you tell your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife, that you made the bouquet yourself, it will have an even bigger value. And it is not complicated at all to make a floral arrangement, as there are just a few simple rules to follow.
Valentine's flowers

To start with, you will need either a vase or a flower basket, which is empty, of course. The vase should be a neutral color: like white, gray, or even black, to underline the vivid colors of the flowers. For the basket, you will need a special sponge used in floral arrangements, and make it damp with water, to provide enough for the flowers not to wilt too soon. The sponge is readily available in flower stores or on the Internet, so it is up to you. Next, you start composing the floral arrangement by picking a flower that has the favorite color of your beloved. If she likes pink, purple or fuchsia, peonies are gorgeous. Lilies are other fabulous flowers, available in very many colors, like powdered pink, white, yellow, orange, plus they have a beautiful scent. If her style is simple but very positive and happy, a bouquet of tulips will be just perfect. Tulips also come in a variety of colors, being much appreciated as their appearance announces spring.

The floral arrangement will look fantastic if you mix big flowers with smaller ones, and add some green leaves or stems to complete it. Small flowers that look great are dianthus, freesias, daisies, and many others you will find available in any flower shop. When picking these side flowers, you must be careful to mix colors carefully. Thus, if you have bright purple or pink, you can choose white or baby pink colored flowers to accompany them. A red flower here and there will add some sparkle to it. If your primary color is yellow, you can combine it with green flowers, orange, white, and peach color. Pink goes very well with any shade of purple, red, and white flowers. The flowers, even if they are of multiple types, should be present in the arrangement in a balanced proportion. The small ones should be interlaid with the large ones. The green leaves or stems should be placed in the same manner, or only around the outer edge.

Valentines floral arrangement

So you see, you can make a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise with a gorgeous floral arrangement, without having any roses in it. The previously mentioned flowers are just an example, because you will find very many others, and you can use whatever you like. Well, as long as you respect their colors and make the right color combinations, as suggested in the above examples. And your bouquet will be much more heartfelt and meaningful because you created it yourself to please the woman in your life.

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