When Man’s Best Friend Gets Sick

Amy's dog, Penney

For me, the dog was always an incredibly loyal creature, a friend ready to offer unconditional love, accepting you just the way you are, with your good and bad days, and never judging. This is why I have dogs because their company is calming, soothing, always making me laugh and brightening my days when I feel down. My dog, Penelope, is more than just a pet. During the many years she spent in our family, she became a real family member, caring and loving, no matter what. Now, that she has gotten sick, it is very hard to see her in this state, suffering, because I always imagined a beautiful life for her. I feel indebted to ease her condition as much as possible, as Penney deserves all of our attention and efforts, for the way she treated us, her entire life.

1352b243-c45d-48dd-a28f-f9c10236c273Penney was a dog like any other, enjoying life and wagging her tail happily every time she saw us. One day, I noticed something changed about her. She was trying to be happy, but not like usual, like something was stopping her. I got worried, as I never saw my dog like this, so the next thing I did was to take her to our vet. I can’t even describe the heartache and sorrow I felt when I found out that my beloved companion has two brain tumors. I was so hard to believe that such a kind and loving creature, like Penelope, could have such a harsh fate. Her face was so resigned to the situation, so calm and quiet, even though the case was extremely severe. I felt that it was not fair to subject such a being to these sufferings, thinking how I can make this better.

Of course, I immediately asked about treatment, as I was not prepared to let go. I gathered myself together knowing that I needed to make a plan to get Penelope better. Offering a couple of peaceful years to enjoy, free of any pain, was my goal now. I wanted to give back, at least, a small part of what she offered me during the time we spent together. So I took her to a veterinary neurologist and then made an appointment with a radiation oncologist. The tumors are located on her pituitary gland and on her spinal cord. It may seem like a hard task to try and heal them, but I will do everything that is in my power to make them go away because I still want Penelope in my life.

Amy's dog, Penney

It is incredible to realize just how important she is to me. I mean, I always cared for her, but now when things took such an abrupt turn in the wrong way, the entire situation is putting a lot of stress and anxiety on my shoulders. I wasn’t expecting for a dog to live as much as a human, but I never imagined that she will get so sick. It is heartbreaking, as I pictured Penelope growing old beautifully, becoming a slow and grey haired dog, not one that has to face pains and a terrible treatment. But no matter how hard this will be, I am prepared to fight, both for Penelope and for me.
Amy White and her dog, Penelope

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